Sailing/ Classic Yachts

  • first experience in the famous jolly boat „Optimist“
  • some years of race sailing with various jolly class boats with moderate success.
  • change to yacht sailing at the age of 17.
  • fast collection of experience in open sea sailing with my fathers‘ boat and as a crew of a 45′ race yacht
  • my first own „Yacht“ was a 1964 wooden Folkeboot that was very cheap but there was a massive work to do before the first cruise… my first refit of a classic boat.
  • several trips included Winter and New Year’s Eve sailing at the North Sea.
  • 2013 Nicole and I fell in love with „NAJADEN“, a Swedish Seacruiser, built in 1948.
  • NAJADEN is a full member of our family. We take care of her and keep her in original shape as good as possible. We sail her in the north sea and the Baltic Sea for cruises and sometimes for classic races.

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